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The Freeware Hall Of Fame

Who is Rey Barry of Charlottesville VA?

He's the creator and curator of the Freeware Hall of Fame.

He is the force behind "Puckish Tendencies," a creative on-line emporium.

He is useraccount2 and useraccount1 on eBay. According to his MePage there, he is a "mostly-retired political consultant, consent technician, real estate broker, journalist, educator, and buyer & seller of rare recordings as Records For Recollectors since 1963."

A 16 semester career undergraduate at the Univ. of Virginia, Rey, a former Mensan, completed majors in Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy. While a student, he assisted Rod Collins in the creation of the university's FM station, WTJU, and was the first chief announcer.

In his undergraduate years Rey also worked full time as a staff announcer and jazz DJ from 1957-61 at commercial AM stations WCHV and WELK.

One October night in 1959 while broadcasting an Albemarle High School football game, Rey heard a commercial aircraft go astray hours before Piedmont Airlines acknowledged a plane was missing.

As a volunteer newsman for a radio station with no news department despite carrying two of the nation's 4 news networks, Rey covered the search for Piedmont Flight 349 from midnight Friday to midday Sunday, much of the daytime in a military search helicopter. The wreckage wasn't found for 36 hours and, in a remarkable instance of newsman beginner's luck, Rey was the first person to arrive at the scene, and the first to interview Phil Bradley, the sole survivor.

Through family connections, his older brother and he shared the only hand-written permanent pass ever issued to the NYC jazz club Birdland. (The club's Gold Cards came later.)

In that time of Jim Crow laws before passage of the Civil Rights Act, Rey served UVa as the liaison between visiting jazz musicians and the Charlottesville restaurants where segregation was the rule. Buddy Glover gladly served blacks at Buddy's when public accommodation was his choice, though not when it wasn't.

Later he was a reporter and columnist for The Daily Progress newspaper from 1966-71. He was assigned to cover UVa for its home town paper and the Associated Press during shattering periods in the school's history.

He described for Virginia readers the student/faculty protests over the Vietnam War, the court-ordered racial integration of the all-white institution, and the court-ordered gender integration of the all-male undergraduate college.

He had a run-in with US Attorney General Ramsey Clark when, on a slow Friday night, the Associated Press ran Rey's story quoting Clark making an indiscreet comment about Jim Garrison's JFK assassination investigation. It was Saturday front page news across the country.

Rey earned 15 minutes of fame and a smidgen of immortality in the conspiracy community. Because he stood up to the Attorney General and his denials, he got an offer from the most evil newspaper owner in the nation to be an investigative reporter for the Manchester, New Hampshire, Union Leader. He turned it down.

The Ramsey Clark affair is documented at http:/

Later Rey was an undistinguished stringer for TIME, Reuters, and Newsweek. He also had a 15-year sinecure as part-time Special Projects TV Producer at the Univ. of Virginia. A memorable program was a one-on-one interview with Hollywood legend Frank Capra. After half a century it was put on the web.

In 1970 Virginia Murray Leonard of Frankfort, Ky, married Rey at the university's Rotunda, a building designed by Thomas Jefferson and now a National Historic Landmark. It's on the Internet with a 24/7 web cam. It is the only wedding known to have taken place in the building.

Beginning in the early 80s Rey started collecting and distributing computer freeware and shareware. The effort was begun to help fellow real estate brokers learn to use computers. He established the Freeware Hall of Fame and began world-wide software distribution by mail in 1985, then via dial-up computer bulletin boards.

The first board to carry the FHOF freeware library was Bobby Sumrada's Cheers! in Memphis. Scott Johnson's CAVU (Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited) in Charlottesville took over when Cheers! closed.

When CAVU closed in 1992 Rey opened the FreewareHOF BBS and later moved the board to the Internet where he regularly tends to the web site, . In its last year as a dial-up, Boardwatch Magazine named the FHOH BBS one of the country's top 25 bulletin boards.

In 1995 Rey published "Guide to Free Software," a compendium of 1700 free programs in 105 categories. The book honored by name the great freeware writers of the DOS era. It earned raves in 4 magazines and was sold by mail order and at Virginia computer fairs.

His web site is a treasury of information about the dial-up bulletin board era, and he has two complete, working installations of PCBoard BBS software free to download. The site also distributes MS-DOS to run it.

Barry's not-quite-blog is called "Light Sweet Crud" and has unusual personal short essays at http:/ His outlook reflects his experiences as:

* director of political campaigns for Central Virginia Democrats;
* co-owner of a Montessori school;
* owner of the 58' wooden bugeye ketch "Applejack,"
* intake contact for Charlottesville's ACLU and 13 years on the Virginia Board of Directors;
* a friend of Anna Anderson Manahan, claimant to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia (he says she likely was despite contrary evidence);
* taking Gregori Rasputin's only legitimate daughter to dinner at Charlottesville's legendary Gaslight Restaurant - ;
* Spying behind the Iron Curtain by helping a Family friend take illegal movies of forbidden sites, detailed at ;
* a bon vivant at Juan Les Pins on the Riviera living on Baccarat all summer;
* acquaintanceships with Jackie Robinson, Count Basie, Bud Powell, Benny Goodman (in the 50s he was Goodman's country club lifeguard);
* a 1963 encounter with Lady Astor shortly before she died;
* a 2-month coffeehouse friendship in Helsinki with Major Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Golitsyn, who, a few weeks later, became the highest ranking KGB officer ever to defect to the US;
* and most of all, a member of a beloved family.

About his vintage 1980 Mercedes roadster, Rey said, "A 450SL is like driving Cary Grant."

Did you know the universe is not expanding? It is pulsating. It always did pulsate and always will pulsate. The Big Bang theory is creationism in a lab coat.

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