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Uncommon Knowledge

This one is tough even though we named each category.

Count yourself a genius if you can get ten right.

An example to get you started: (answer is at the bottom):

    WHAT IS:                      CATEGORY:
    34 = H L on a L P             Everyday miscellany
    [Clue] Draw to a straight.

WHAT IS: CATEGORY: ======================== ============== A) 47 = S on a H Music Send me a wire. B) 55 = H P N in B Sports How's the weather up there? C) 7 3/8 = O on a P Music I'm tickled to hear it. D) 4 = A in an A J Food Nuts to you. E) 0 = G to an A Religion Holy shit. F) 2 = G on a P R Entertainment Side by side. G) 0 = D Q M People No standees. H) 2 = P in a L-A C Science Shorts get the juices flowing. I) 1 = M on a S Maritime How many poles does it take to break wind? J) 3 = D in a V (M C) Communications Play it again, Sam. K) 3 of 4 = K B K American history Luck of the Irish. L) 28 = S in M Geography Capable of out-lying Texans. M) 13 = S on the C F American history Hanging by a thread. N) 20 = L O M in C Games Any journey begins with the 1st step. O) 36 = D on the H American history Bad day in New Jersey. P) -282 = E of D V Geography How's the weather down there? Q) 10 = R I Science Seeing is deceiving. R) 38 = P A to S Literature Most people get theirs in high school. S) 632 = S M in L Geography Malthusian footnote. T) 56 = S of the D of I American history Male prerogative. U) 0 = C A D Military Suppose they held a war and nobody came? V) 1.8288 = M to a F Maritime Too shallow for Mark Twain. W) 50000 = C C U P C Food Life preservers don't come free. X) 16 = D in a V C N Business Identifying plastic people. Y) 3,245,800 = K F C P N Business/Government Only you can squeeze my breasts, white man. Z) 9 = D L on an E C Medicine The best go to the bottom.

(Answer to example: 34 = H L on a L P: Horizontal Lines on a Legal Pad)

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