This ad appeared in 1966 in my short-lives publication "MAGAZINE"

This ad appeared in a 1965 issue

April 11, 1969 Cavalier Daily Classified ad:

ALL Law students who did
guess, correctly or otherwise, John
Marshall Tuck - GASLIGHT will
have free wine included with their
dinners this Friday tonight -

Jeron Lafargue sent over this verbal portrait of John
Author unknown to me

He is a tall and lanky man,
Who wears a Scots beret and a silk ascot.
He leans against the bar,
Inserts a thin cigar
Into a silver holder, and lights up.

As the light blue eyes
Fix to the tophatted walrus,
Mounted on the opposite wall,
He begins to talk in a mellifluous accent
Of New York/London baritone smoothness.

The nightly magic of "John Tuck Speak"
Surrounds, and uplights us. He transports us.
We are in his element
At The Gaslight Restaurant.

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