The Freeware Hall Of Fame

13 Great Freeware Writers

 In the circle of Great Freeware Writers for their output and quality are such folks as:
  • Douglas Boling
  • Bruce Guthrie
  • Raymond Kaya
  • Ward Christensen
  • Robert Vostreys
  • Frederick Volking
  • Michael Mefford
  • Keith Graham
  • Keith Ledbetter
  • John McNamara
  • Timo Salmi
  • David Daniel Anderson
    and the one who invented the power user when he gave us CED:
  • Chris Dunford.
 Those 13 contributed 180 programs to the Freeware Hall of Fame's "Guide to Free Software."

The highly praised Guide is the only attempt ever made to list the great DOS freeware writers.

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