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The JFK Murder

Lucien Sarti

Ever hear the name? Lucien Sarti is an important figure to people who uncovered the JFK assassination cover-up. He was the grassy knoll shooter. The name was first reported as Lucian Satie but Sarti may be correct. Hard to know for sure since the US government is still to this day spending huge sums to preserve all aspects of the cover-up. Media boys at work.

Have you seen their new film claiming to be a digitized frame-by-frame analysis of the Zapruder film? It shows JFK struck only in the throat, not the head! It states he was hit by only one bullet, and ignores how he died! The History Channel aired that moronic comic book on Sunday Feb. 10, 2008.

The film even claims Oswald shot Tippet, a frame-up completely disproven 40 years ago when Tippet's killer was himself assassinated.

You can find books and articles revealing and unravelling the 20h century's biggest cover-up on FreeHOF and many other places in cyberspace.

Search for "JFK" and "Kennedy" (without the quotes) for a list of our files on the subject. If you know of others we don't have, leave us a note where to find them.

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