The Freeware Hall Of Fame

United States Myths - and their realities

By Rey Barry

"We have self-government"

No, we have representative government.

Self-government is a town meeting; a Kiwanis Club vote by the membership to sell Christmas trees; an employee vote whether to join a union. Each person has a vote.

Representative government means we elect someone else to vote. He represents those who would have voted his way but not those who would have voted another way.

Choose another?

Introduction - How these myths began
"The US separates church and state"
"Justice will triumph"
"You cannot be forced to incriminate yourself"
"We have free speech"
"Americans have free television and radio"
"No Man is Above the Law"
"Corporate political contributions aren't bribery"
"The best is yet to come"
"Abner Doubleday originated baseball"

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