The Freeware Hall Of Fame

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Nearly all are unique files found nowhere else on the web. Some appeared in newspapers or magazines.

Who is Rey Barry of Charlottesville, Virginia?
Rey's biog, an interesting part
Why you believe in God when you know better
Introduction to American myths we believe that aren't true
Myth One: The US separates church and state
Myth Two: Justice will triumph
Myth Three: We have self-government
Myth Four: You cannot be forced to incriminate yourself
Myth Five: Americans have free speech
Myth Six: Americans have free radio and TV
Myth Seven: No man is above the law
Myth Eight: Political contributions aren't bribery
Myth Nine: The best is yet to come
Myth Ten: Abner Doubleday originated baseball
After 35 years the story of the Hilgendorf is finally told
Rey's occasional blog Light Sweet Crud
One line blogs - World wisdom one line at a time
Alb-Charl Revenue sharing explained
How to take control of Negative Option Renewal
"Something Warm" - a parody of "Something Cool"
My days spying and smuggling Bibles for The Family
The Civil War - you heard of it, you may as well understand it
The story behind "Johnny Carson's Greatest Interview"
We have wonderful paintings by American surrealist John Fenton
21 Clues to the Blues - jazz file
Everything important to know you can learn from 2 Cows
Backpacking Through Hell - a poetic tribute to my dad
What the Bill of Rights really means today. Disturbing because it's true. Our most linked-to file
Our award-winning Acronym List - the 2nd hottest page on the site
History of the legendary Gaslight Restaurant of Charlottesville, VA
List of dance bands at the Univ. of Virginia's famous Easters Weekend for the first 50 years, 1915-1965
The story of Charlottesville, Virginia, our hometown, "Most desirable city in the country," warts and all
A tribute to the art of the late Virginia Canfield
One New Year's Eve at the Boar's Head Inn
List of computer bulletin boards once active in Central Virginia
A cold eye-view of the 1861-65 unpleasantness, call it the War for Southern Independence, the Northern Invasion/Aggression? the Civil War? Whatever ...
The story behind the Freeware Hall of Fame
When common sense fails the missing Email User Guide
Our unique wedding in Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda at the Univ. of Virginia
The story of the world's first BBS and Ward Christensen
Owed to George W. Bush: How our 43rd Resident and Commander-in-Grief Brought Me Together
One view of what tomorrow brings (our Myths file has much more)
Legal definitions of Trade Mark, Service Mark, Patent, and Copyright
Coverage of eBay Inc. as a stock investment. For a few years when eBay went public this was the only stock analysis that understood Pierre and his company
Past stock info about eBay Inc. bears out the writer's track record
I went face-to-face with the attorney general - and he blinked
eBay Inc.'s Board of Directors once upon a time
Insider's description and guide to using the eBay auction site
The origin of shareware by its originator, Jim Knopf (aka Jim Button)
Why spam is allowed to harm us
Ted Turner's gripe with big media, a grim chapter on the decline and fall of the US
The man above the grassy knoll whose shot killed JFK in Dallas
On the trail of JFK's killers, national confrontation with LBJ's attorney general
The story of the 1st Jackie Robinson Jazz Concert in 1963 and how there came to be a secret tape
Description of files available to download here by FTP
How shareholders were screwed by the Board of Directors of Nimbus CD Int'l. A newspaper article.
The Circle of Great Freeware Writers - the most prolific
Anastasia (Anna Anderson Manahan,) the upside down Cinderella, was a neighbor
The Freeware Hall of Fame logos (adopted from Jimmy Pearson and ByteBrothers)
A reminiscence published in an alumni mag, The Day Joe Kidd Ran My Pants Up the Flagpole
Some griping about stock market indices
The Freeware Hall of Fame supplied low-cost education software to home schools
Our home page
We had a vintage 1954 German Goggo motorscooter and this site supports Goggo collectors
Our guide for programmers using a file_id.diz
List of the Freeware Hall of Fame file directories (DIRS only, not the list of files)
The Freeware Hall of Fame filelist (LARGE)
The scam stockbrokers call Dollar Cost Averaging
The press release about our book, a 1996 salute to freeware writers
A coupon to order the book
Guide to using cable channel CNBC as a tool for stock market investing
Old but funny file about CNBC
Our easy clue game
The answers to it
Our devilishly hard clue game
The answers to it (and they're needed)
Some humorous(?) fake viruses
Comparison of major world calendars (written to combat millennium mania)
We divide the world into 4 stages of development to give the Internet its due
Some documentation for the US Myths page - More of the same

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