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Internet standards guides written and published at this site

Yellow button When Common Sense Fails - the guide to email
Yellow button America's Cherished Myths we all believe that aren't true
Yellow button One of the most popular acronym definition pages in cyberspace, an award winner
Yellow button A Taste of Atheism
Yellow button My Bible smuggling behind the Iron Curtain with "The Family"
Yellow button "Something Warm," a parody of "Something Cool"
Yellow button 21 Clues to the Blues and how ye shall know them
Yellow button The Bill of Rights Updated For Our Time
Yellow button The Statue of Liberty - the rest of the story
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Yellow button A rollicking sea tale of the New England coast that really happened
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About this web site

The Freeware Hall of Fame (what's freeware?) began life as a collection of
free computer programs circulated around the world by mail. Later it became a dial-up
computer bulletin board promoting and distributing free software.
In the mid-1990s Boardwatch Magazine named it one of the world's 25 best BBSs.

When the BBS era passed we opened the web site FREEWAREHOF.ORG
on 3/26/1997 at 5 AM, with FHOF sharing the site with the writings of
the man who gave us the Great American Email©, Rey Barry.

This site has a Table of Contents with links to more than 70 of our features.
There are also 222 exciting photos and images like the six super models below.

Seymour Cray Alan Turing Ward Christensen Grace Hopper Jim Button indentured hacker

Above you see our staff closely monitoring the links on this site
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Our commercial side is our store Puckish Tendencies over at Zazzle where we create
unique mugs, bumperstickers, buttons, and mouse pads to thrill you and your mouse.

Here you will find our extremely rare, historic Theloneous Monk "postage stamp."
I share what may be the last supply in the world by selling this mouse
pad at Zazzle where anyone can buy it.

We reply to all email, not always coherently

We've had umpteen million visits - hope you find yours worthwhile

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